St. Joseph’s School believes a safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a high performing School. The implementation of School uniforms will help minimize disruptive behaviour, promote respect for oneself and others, build School/Community Spirit, and more significantly, help to maintain high academic standards. The School also feels that wearing of uniforms by students will help lessen the impact of socio-economic differences. In addition, it allows for identification of intruders on campus and encourages students to concentrate on learning rather than on what they are wearing.

School Uniform should be bought from Al Falah Plaza- Lulu which approved by the School.

Daily Uniform

  • Grey Pinafore and white short sleeved blouse with shirt collar.
  • Black shoes and white socks. No ankle socks allowed.
  • Black/white tights to be worn underneath. No leggings allowed.
  • Grey half pants (Full Pants for students of standards V and VI)white short–sleeved shirt.
  • Black shoes and white socks. No ankle socks allowed.
Physical Exercise Uniform
  • P.E. Uniform must be worn on the specified day as per the class time table.
  • White sports shoes and white socks. No ankle socks allowed
Winter Wear

In winter: Red Cardigans (for girls) and Red Pullovers (for boys) of simple knit.


  • Students are expected to keep their appearance neat and tidy.
  • Full and correct uniform must be worn at all times.
  • Sweaters may not be tied around the waist at any time.
  • P.E Uniform should be not be faded. Pants should not be above the ankle. If you have outgrown the uniform, kindly purchase a new one. Socks/Shoes should be neat and clean
  • Students should wear full school uniform to all Parent Teacher meetings and other school events.
  • All uniform items, including bags, lunchboxes, water bottles and other personal belongings should be clearly labeled at all times. This will aid in the swift return of misplaced belongings.
  • Ensure that the pinafore is AT KNEE LENGTH for the girls. If it is longer, kindly get it altered.
  • The girls may wear long white socks or knee length stockings, if necessary. No leggings are allowed. No ankle socks are allowed.
  • Long hair must be braided in two plaits with red ribbon or bands. No pony tails are allowed. Hair must not be tainted or dyed.
  • Multiple earrings are not allowed. May wear one small stud earring in each ear lobe.
  • Nails must be kept short, and clean without nail polish.
  • Girls shall refrain from carrying cosmetic products like eyeliner, kajal, lipstick etc.
  • Shoes should be well polished.
  • Boys should ensure that their white collar shirt is tucked in at all times.
  • Hair must be neat and short. Hair must not be dyed. No stylish/spiky hairstyle allowed.
  • Shoes should be well polished.