Curriculum Overview

Teaching & Learning:

St. Joseph’s school follows a system that is based on the principles of empowering, creating innovative skills, and development of 21st century skills in every child. Curriculum complies with CBSE expectations and development of skills that suit international context. Teaching and learning strategies revolve around Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective domains of learning.

Strategies involved are objective based learning activities in the process of learning. Learning objectives guide the learner to know what he/she intends to do with what has been learnt and focus on setting individual learner pathways and priorities. Attempts are made to provide authentic learning experiences that suit individual learning style and levels of achievement.

Assessment of learning is a combination of Formative and Summative assessments through primary, middle and high school. Specific strategies and techniques are used in measuring progress of individual student’s knowledge, the ability to apply that knowledge to real world situations, critically reflect on acquired knowledge and communicate results effectively adding value to the knowledge gained.

St. Joseph’s school is one of the pilot schools selected for SCF and is happy in incorporating and aligning the “Student Competence frame work” (SCF) introduced by ADEK into the curriculum. Continuous and comprehensive assessment of learning is based on Student Competence Frame work that equips students with skills, behaviors and competencies required for the 21st Century world. We believe that competency is a cluster of knowledge, skills and attitudes that reflect in one’s performance in a task. Class room is the training ground and opportunities are provided to practice problem solving and critical thinking skills that help in improving the competencies.