The St. Joseph’s School as an institution has always encouraged and motivated its students to discover their forte and provided them with a platform to showcase it through their annual events such as talent’s day, sport’s day, elocution, drama, science quizzes, etc

To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition, students are divided into four houses. The house colours are blue, red, green and yellow. They are represented by flowers that are chosen to match with their colours and for their singular and individual characteristics. Each house is governed by a motto; the values one has to adhere to and follow, to make life a momentous one.

Blue (Bluebell House):

‘Through co-operation to success’- states clearly that hard work and co-operation are the key words to achieving dreams and goals.

Rose (Rose House):

‘To serve and not to be served’- proves their zeal and passion for service to others and love that brings forth willingness to care and to serve.

Green (Shamrock House):

‘Forward we go and never backward’- They believe that success comes through courage and determination.

Yellow (Sunflower House):

‘Live for others and never for yourself’- speaks of selflessness and concern for one another, an excellent virtue to live by!

House Points are allotted for various activities and the winning house receives the