Assessment Policy

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) aims to bring about uniformity in the pattern of examination across all CBSE schools.

Parameters of Assessment
  • Scholastic performance: Both marks & grades will be awarded for individual subjects.
  • Co –Scholastic performance: Grades will be awarded for non-scholastic performance in three categories – Work Education; Art Education; Health & Physical Education.
  • Discipline: Grades will be awarded to students after evaluating their commitment to discipline; which includes attendance; sincerity; behavior and values.

Examination Pattern


Classes II – VIII will have the same format of assessment. However, a class year has been divided into two terms. Term I consists of Periodic test – 1 (PT -1); Half – yearly examination; Note book submission & Subject Enrichment Activity. Term II consists of Periodic test – 2 (PT – 2); Yearly examination; Note book submission; Subject Enrichment Activity.


The pattern of examination for classes IX & X will be similar with only one examination at the end of the academic year. Out of total of 100 marks; 80 marks have been assigned to written examinations while the remaining 20 have been divided between three disciplines: Periodic tests (10 marks); Note book submission (5 marks); and Subject Enrichment Activity (5 marks).

Compulsory Subjects Minimum Pass Marks
Arabic 50%
Islamic Studies 50%
UAE Social Studies 50%
XI and XII Arabic & Islamic Studies 60%
Moral Education (II to XII)

Promotion to the next class will be based on the aggregate grades/ marks of all the Three Examinations. All students are required to put in a minimum of 75% attendance each academic year.

Full Attendance Certificate:

Students attending the school from the first day of the academic session to the last day of the Summative without a single day of absence (or Annual Examinations) will be eligible for the Full Attendance certificate.

General Proficiency:

Students who get the highest score in all the core subjects are awarded, for all the sections in all the grades.