My Identity Program

My Identity Program at St. Joseph’s School
"Our ancestors left us a legacy of traditions that make us proud. Our mission is to preserve, develop, and maintain it as an asset of this nation for generations to come." - The Late Sheikh Zayed
Welcome to St. Joseph’s School, where we are dedicated to fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging among our students through our My Identity Program. Rooted in the words of the Late Sheikh Zayed, our program aims to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the UAE, ensuring that it remains a cherished asset for generations to come.
At St. Joseph’s, our curriculum wholeheartedly supports and promotes the My Identity Program, which fosters appreciation, value, and respect for the UAE identity among our students. We believe in celebrating national identity through a variety of avenues, including themed My Identity days, integration of UAE culture, traditions, and history across all curriculum subjects, community links, and commemorating important occasions such as Commemoration Day, Flag Day, and National Day.
Our curriculum is designed around six core My Identity themes:
1. **My Values Are My Identity**
2. **My Language Is My Identity**
3. **My Community Is My Identity**
4. **My Culture Is My Identity**
5. **My Citizenship Is My Identity**
6. **My History Is My Identity**
By embracing these themes, we empower our students to develop a strong sense of self and belonginess, enabling them to become confident local and global citizens in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision.
Principal, St. Joseph’s School