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Velocity School Buses Transportation (VSBT) is a School & Passenger Transport operator, based in Abu Dhabi. VSBT is a leading school transport company which provides the best service integrated with technology to create a hassle-free solution for schools and parents. VSBT was established, in the year 2011 and acquired by the KBBO Group in 2016.

VELOCITY owns and operates one of the largest and newest fleets of school buses in Abu Dhabi. We recruit and retain the best qualified, experienced and responsible drivers as safety is the company’s highest priority. They are the first private company to secure all the approvals and to implement suggested changes by Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi.

Velocity transport details
Transport Payment

Transportation fee will be collected term wise ONLY. (April - June) (September – December) (January – March). No Monthly Payments.

Payment should be done on or before the 10th of the first month of each term. You are requested to pay before the due date to avoid any disruption in the transportation service.

Cancellation of transportation service can be done only at the end of respective terms with a written request. No refund will be available for cancellation of transport in the middle of a term.

In case of non-payment of transport fee within the mentioned date, Velocity reserves right to discontinue the service immediately.

Payment Options : Cash / Cheque / Credit Card

A representative of VELOCITY shall be available at St. Joseph’s school premises, from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Cheques must be made in favour of “Velocity School Buses Transportation”.

Kindly Mention Mobile number, Child’s Name, Grade and ESIS number at the back of the cheque

Payment can also be made at Velocity Office:

Warehouse S3, Block C
MW 5
Near Fibrex Construction
Mussafah, Abu Dhabi
Contact: 02 5512682

For any queries regarding transport and RFID, you may contact:

Transport Co-ordinator Lead Driver Branch Co-ordinator
Mr. Bilal Khaleel Mr. Firose Mohammed Ms. Shilpa Unnikrishnan
Mob : 058 8776192 Mob : 056 1471683 Mob : 052 1293678
E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: