The St. Joseph school clinic is a state of the art facility with equipment for all medical emergencies that may arise. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi and in service with a full-time nurse provided by New Medical Center (NMC). The trained nurse works closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure and provide holistic care and a safe School environment based on the health care policies of the UAE.

First aid is provided to students reporting with any ailment or minor accident and parents are immediately contacted with the information.
It is mandatory that a record of every child's physical health and condition must be duely provided by the parent. If necessary, and medications are provided with advice from the parents, the nurse in duty will aid to administer the medications to the concerned student.
Medical checkups and immunization are done periodically and complete records are maintained. SEHA Nurses visit the school yearly to vaccinate Grade 1 Boys & Girls -Varicella and MMR, Grade 11 Girls – HPV.
The school has two well equipped libraries, one in the first floor of the main building for the primary students and another in the 3rd floor of the new Jubilee block for the high school with a versatile collection of educational materials. 

There is a vast number of books and a rich arry of reference materials, newspapers, periodicals, audio and visual materials for the students. There is also a good collection of professional journals for the perusal of the teachers.
The St. Joseph’s School library service supports the school’s mission and the educational and recreational needs of students and staff and is committed to the development of the independent learners in it's design to locate, retrieve, assess and utilize information with ease and proficiency. 
The library is open from 7:30 AM – 1:30 PM. on school days.
The school has 3 well equiped computer Labs.

The Primary lab in the main building, with 30 laptops caters to the learning and understanding of the basics of computers, animation and coding for students of the Primary grades.
The new Jubilee building has 2 state of the art computer labs for the highschool and the higher secondary grades with 30 desktops in each room with interactive smartboards.
Programming languages & Animation programs are some of the courses provided with interactive smart boards.
The part of the brain that supports language and learning also supports music, so one can make a connection as to why music, learning, and languages are closely aligned.
The school provides students efficient interactive vocal training for the primary learners developing their skills of melodious rendition and harmonising. Effective singing techniques and rhythm training are part of the singing curriculum.
The music room of the school in the Jubilee building is well equipped with perfect acoustics with wall panels and carpets. Pianos, keyboards and percussion instrument used help students to sing effectively and help to learn how to express themselves creatively.
The teaching emphasis for science is firmly placed on experimentation and investigation, using scientific skills, processes and knowledge to solve problems. To support this approach the school has 3 purposes built, fully equipped science laboratories
The Chemistry Lab at our school is aptly designed for all the required exploration and experimentation. With meticulously stacked up equimpents, it is a learning hub where students are introduced into the deep understanding of chemical principles. The modern equipments, a complete collection of chemicals for all the experiments, and an ample workspace enable the students to engage in hands-on activities. The students also have a knowledgeable team of educators to guide them.
Physics is a course of classroom teaching and practical work with experiments playing an important part in understanding concepts.
Keeping this in the perspective, the school's Physics Laboratory has a vast array of facilities to ensure thorough knowledge of the subject through all the effective experiments.
The student workstations permit multiple arrangements and combinations for laboratory work and small-group activities promoting good reviews and reasoning and better understanding of the theories.
Updated and efficient in function, the Biology Lab features a good number of scientific models, specimens, slides, charts and modern instruments to assist in the deep understanding of the subject through analysis, exploration and experimental learning.