Hi, I'm Greta Elsa Augustine, an 11-year-old author of 'Alliance of Hearts. Welcome to my Friendship Book, where we're about to embark on an emotional rollercoaster with two best friends. This story is all about a girl who's going through some tough times, and she has a friend who means the world to her. But guess what? Even the closest of friends can sometimes have disagreements, and that's exactly what happened to these two. If you're eager to know how this special friendship unfolds and what happens next, you can find the complete story by purchasing the book at 
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Mithra Sree of class 7C have authored 3 books; AI - Here, There and Everywhere, Sestet Series - 1 and Birthday Enigma for the UAE Young
Authors Fair and on behalf of our school, St. Joseph’s. 
AI - Here, There and Everywhere is about a little girl who is guided by AI which we can easily relate with ourselves.
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I Alphonsa Bridget Anil of Grade 7B am honoured to say that I have officially become an author by publishing my first ever book titled 'Side by Side' on the BriBooks website. The story follows the story of a girl named Delilah and how she wished to not be alone and share her life loneliness with. But all of that changes the moment her little brother steps into her life. This story is strongly based on the brother sister relationship that Delilah and her brother has.
As Wes Adamson once said and I quote "Siblings are not chosen, one cannot decide but they have the most cherished relationships one can ever have. Thank you and have a great day ahead.
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Hi Everyone!
My book is published in BriBooks, which is an online platform where one can make their own storybook. My book is titled as ‘Royalty Is Back’. It is in the series I’ve made, named as ‘Adrian’s Mysteries’ where a teenager named Adrian tries to solve different mysteries and puzzles happening around his land. His first case happens to be in this book. Here, he tries to find his missing parents who left him when he was a tiny infant, and haven’t still returned after seventeen years.
The book is very fun and amazing to read, which will capture one’s mind. I hope you will buy my book and have a joyous adventure!
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