In our constant endeavor to give students enriching experiences, St. Joseph’s School is happy to organize extra-curricular clubs for our students.

The clubs will comprise of 4 zones -

ZONE 1 - Literature Club
which comprises of

  • Reading- age appropriate books for grades 2 to 12
  • MUN(Model United Nations) - To inculcate Debate techniques/ skills
  • Research papers- Help grades 11 and 12 to write research papers which will help them for college
  • Gavel club- Prepared speeches/storytelling session/on the spot topics.
  • School newspaper-The Premier- Articles and topics of interest-which are independently researched and written by the students themselves.
  • Dance club- Different dance styles, taught by seniors/teachers. Students will be able to learn various dance forms and participate in various events- including talents day, Annual day and (outside events as a school team)
  • Music Club- Formed for students interested in learning and practicing singing and instruments. School band will be formed and talents will be showcased in various events.
  • Art club- Higher level of art training. Volunteer for helping in decoration for various school events.-Best artwork will be uploaded on school website.
  • Outdoor activities- KHO-KHO/Badminton/Athletics- will be taught by seniors/ sports teachers.
  • Football basics- Instructed by Tr. Nisha
  • Throw ball- selections for INTERSCHOOL competition which will be held in October.
  • Indoor activities- Table tennis/Chess.
  • K teams- along with weekly puzzles/quizzes - can sharpen the students minds and give them a door to see the past, present and future. Quiz teams will be arranged for outside school events as well as in school.
  • Robotics- With the rise in Artificial intelligence in the world, our students can also take a step into the AI world- Workshops as well as how to build a robot is one of the few aspects of the club.

Every student is encouraged to take part in 1 club at least. Students who join a particular zone, will remain in that zone until the end of the academic year.

The club activities will only be held during the zero period(1 hour) on every Thursday, no activities will be held during the classroom study hours.

Our main aim is to make our students excel in fields outside the educational perspective.